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Sergey Grachov is a universal arranger, who has a great feeling for the most diverse styles of music, is inquisitive and keeps up with the times. A professional who never rests on his laurels, a perfectionist. Talented smart musician and just a good person.

KONSTANTIN MELADZE, Composer, producer

Sergey has a unique gift of creative intuition, perfectly understands the customer and feels the needs of the public. Talented musician and professional producer. He does not need to be explained what a deadline is. Reliable and honest partner. It's a pleasure to work with such people!

ANATOLY SYABRO, Director of the Department of Entertainment Programs of the channel "Ukraine", former Chief Executive Producer of LLC "New Channel"

Sergey Grachov is certainly a master in his field. His professional qualities, most definitely, correspond to the highest parameters and inspire great respect. In tandem with Sergey, we recorded quite a lot of successful works, I'm not afraid of this word - hits. Working with him is comfortable, harmonious and easy. Human qualities also do not leave indifferent: a sociable, positive and just a pleasant person.

STAS MIKHAILOV, Artist, composer, producer

Working with Sergey is a rare combination of quality, understanding of the market and formats, efficiency and responsibility for musicians and music producers. I never had to prove anything in my work with Sergey, we always found a compromise and understanding, first of all, clearly seeing the purpose of our work, and not engaging in self-affirmation. Almost all the works made by Sergey for my clients were successful on the radio and sounded flawless in concert shows. His opinion is more than authoritative for me and I confess that when I make phonograms in other studios and I don’t like something in them, I can always get his advice and advice, without the typical for creative people, resentment and ambition. This is a rarity in our business.

MIKHAIL YASINSKY, General Producer of Secret Service Entertainment Agency
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